Foreign Ministry Director General Visits Mauritania

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
March 13, 2001

The Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Dr. Alon Liel, met, during the course of his visit to Mauritania (12-13 March), with Foreign Minister Ould Abdi. The discussion between the two lasted an hour and a half.

In their meeting, the Foreign Minister stressed Mauritania’s concern over the crisis which had developed in the regional peace process, and reiterated the high degree of importance which his country attaches to the renewal of efforts to move the process forward. Foreign Minister Abdi also expressed his confidence that all the parties concerned will exert their greatest effort to restore peace and normalcy to the region.

The Director General thanked the Minister for the friendliness showed by Mauritania toward Israel, and for its policies promoting peace and dialogue among nations.

Dr. Liel was accompanied in his visit by the Deputy Director of the Israel Foreign Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV), Mr. Ilan Barukh, and Director of the Ministry’s North Africa Division, Mr. Shalom Cohen.

Israeli delegation held talks with their counterparts in the Mauritanian Foreign Ministry in the context of the ongoing political dialogue between the two states. Issues regarding their cooperation in the framework of MASHAV were also discussed. The Director General chaired a presentation of the "Sartan" Project, which includes the establishment by Israel of a school in Mauritania.

At present, Mauritania is the only Arab state which maintains full diplomatic relations with Israel at the ambassadorial level, and has an acting Ambassador posted in the country.