Jerusalem, 16 April 2001

Government Communique
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

1) The Government of Israel announces an attack on a Syrian army target in Lebanon.

2) Israel has carried out in its entirety United Nations Security Council Resolution 425, and it is deployed along the border as determined by the UN. Israel, nevertheless, has been subjected to repeated terrorist attacks along its northern border. In the latest attack on Saturday an IDF soldier was killed. This is the eighth terrorist attack along the northern border since the withdrawal from Lebanon. In these incidents three IDF soldiers were killed and three others were kidnapped.

3) The Government of Israel has determined that the Hizbullah terrorist activities are carried out with the knowledge and under the auspices of Syria.

4) Until now Israel has demonstrated great restraint in the face of these attacks. However, despite the appeal to Syria to exert its influence on Lebanon, Syria – without whom this organization cannot operate from Lebanon and whose army is situated in Lebanon – has not lifted a finger.

5) Israel wishes to maintain neighborly relations with its neighbor – Lebanon. Israel calls upon the Government of Lebanon to deploy its army along the border, and calls upon Syria and Lebanon to respect and carry out UN Security Council Resolution 425.

 Government Communique-16-Apr-2001
 Government Communique-16-Apr-2001
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 Government Communique-16-Apr-2001
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 Government Communique-16-Apr-2001
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 Government Communique-16-Apr-2001
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