Jerusalem, 12 March 2001

Government policy following steps taken in Ramallah
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

1. Israeli government policy is designed to provide security to its citizens, foil terrorist attacks and strike at both those who carry out attacks as well as at those who dispatch them.

2. Israel avoids – as much as possible – imposing collective and general punitive measures on innocent populations.

3. Our goal is to restore quiet and resume security coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

4. The actions in the Ramallah area do not constitute a change in Israeli policy and are in response to specific reports regarding the intention to carry out a bomb attack in Jerusalem. Several of the terrorists have been apprehended; searches are continuing after the others.

5. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has directed the security establishment to ease civil and economic sanctions in places where quiet is maintained in keeping with the government’s policy regarding populations which are not involved in terrorism.


Recently, in response to precise information regarding intentions to perpetrate a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem, Israel has stepped up its preventative security activities in the area of Ramallah.

Such enhanced security activity in the Ramallah area does not constitute a change in Israel’s policy. Ramallah has recently become a hub of terror activity, with the active participation of the Palestinian Authority. Our measures have enabled the apprehension of terrorists and have restricted action by other terrorists.

The security forces have been instructed to ease up on civilian and economic matters in places where calm has been maintained as part of the government’s policy to make it easier on the population in areas not involved in terror.

The enhanced security activity in the Ramallah area arises out of the Israeli government’s obligation to provide security to its citizens and to prevent terror attacks.

The intention is to return to serious negotiations once the violence, incitement and terror end, as well as to renew security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority.

 Government policy following steps taken in Ramallah-12-Mar-2001
 Government policy following steps taken in Ramallah-12-Mar-2001
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories