Jerusalem, 11 October 2001

Hamas terrorist killed while planting bomb
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Hani Mustafa A’rahman, born in 1978, a Hamas military activist, and resident of Atzira Shamaliya, had been involved in a series of attacks inside Israel and the territories against both civilians and security service personnel. A’rahman was killed last night as he attempted to plant a bomb on a road used by settlers and members of the security services near Tzara village in the Nablus region.

For long periods, Hani had served as the right-hand man of Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, a senior Hamas military leader, and had assisted him in perpetrating the 5.12.99 attacks in Tiberias and Haifa.

Between 7-12.2000, he had been imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority but was released. Since his release, Hani had been involved in both the planning and perpetrating of several attacks.

1) 24.12.1999 bomb attack in Netanya – Hani was among those who dispatched those who planted the bomb.

2) 27.4.2001 shooting attack at Israeli vehicle at Elon Moreh junction – An Israeli woman was wounded.

3) 8.8.2001 bomb-and-shooting attack on Mt. Ebal – Three soldiers were lightly wounded.

4) 16.9.2001 bomb attack at Deir Sherf junction – Two Israelis were lightly wounded.