Jerusalem, 15 August 2001

Humanitarian measures in the territories
(Communicated by the Coordinator of Activities in the Territories’ Spokesman)

Israel is continuing to facilitate the transfer of food and humanitarian equipment into the PA territories despite the current security situation. On Tuesday, August 14, 2001, 459 trucks carrying food and fuel entered Gaza via the Karni crossing as well as hundreds of trucks transporting goods to the PA territories through other crossings.

Israel will, in a complex operation that will continue until the end of the week, transfer to the PA territories approximately 17,000 head of livestock, veal calves and sheep, that arrived in Eilat from Aqaba. The transfer is being managed by the office of the Coordinator of Activities in the Territories.

Inquiries by the Civil Administration revealed that there is a food shortage in Nablus. On the initative of the Nablus District Coordinator’s Office, the DCO commander approached the Mayor and Governor of Nablus and coordinated entry of food trucks into the city. Trucks began transporting food into Nablus as of last Wednesday and are currently supplying food at a rate tens of truckloads a day. The food is arriving both from Israel and from cities in the Palestinian Authority.

The Civil Administration on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, allowed tens of residents of Jenin to cross into Israel to visit relatives serving terms in prison. Civil Administration Spokesman, Major Peter Lerner, clarified that this humanitarian action is an attempt to allow civilians to continue their normal routine despite the security constraints caused by terrorist activities.

Major Lerner noted that the Civil Administration also allowed residents of Tarkumiyeh into Israel to visit relatives despite the shooting attack there on Tuesday morning.