International Symposium for Women Leaders

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
June 3, 2001

On the evening of 3 June, Ms. Angela King, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Gender and the Advancement of Women, and the Israel Minister of Regional Cooperation Ms. Tzipi Livni, will open the International Symposium for Women Leaders to be hosted at the Mount Carmel Training Center in Haifa. The Symposium is sponsored by MASHAV, the Center for International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of Israel.

 International Symposium for Women Leaders

 International Symposium for Women Leaders

Israel Minister of Regional Cooperation Ms. Tzipi Livni (2nd from right) and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Ms. Angela King (2nd from left) at opening of symposium, observing a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the June 1 terrorist bombing.

The Symposium, whose theme is: "The Impact of Women’s Training on Socio-Economic Development", will be attended by about 50 women leaders from the world over. The Symposium will mark the 40th anniversary of the MCTC.

Among the participants will be MOM Princess Dusdi Paribatra of Thailand, Minister from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Director General of the Foreign Ministry of the Marshall Islands and a Minister from the Chancellery of the President of Poland.

In addition, numerous Members of Parliament and Members of Congress from a wide range of countries will participate, as well as senior officials from a variety of international organizations and NGOs, which deal with the advancement of women.

In the course of the Symposium, discussions will be held on training methods for furthering the contribution of women to socio-economic development. Some of the former participants in MCTC training activities will be present to demonstrate the impact of the training they received on their own communities.

The opening ceremony will take place Sunday, 3 June at 19:00, at the Mount Carmel Training Center (MCTC), 12 David Pinsky St., Haifa, and the closing ceremony of the Symposium, hosted by Trade and Industry Minister Dalia Itzik and Mr. Arie Arazi, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of MASHAV, will be held on Thursday, 7 June in Jerusalem.