Israel-EU Association Council to Meet

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
November 20, 2001

The second meeting of the Israel-EU Association Council will take place on November 20 in Brussels.

The Association Agreement was signed in 1995, and entered into force in June 2000. This Agreement, which consolidates the special status of Israel in its relations with the EU, institutionalizes the existing political dialogue between the sides. In addition, it establishes cooperation between the parties in the economic, trade and financial spheres, as well as in areas such as welfare, culture, science, technology, tourism, environment and the war against drugs. Israeli scientists are also involved in European research and development programs.

The aim of the meeting is to hold discussions on various issues relating to the implementation of the Association Agreement between Israel and the EU including, amongst other things, the issue of customs exemptions for Israeli products produced over the Green Line – an issue where there is disagreement between the parties.