Israel Rejects UN General Assembly Emergency Session Resolutions

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
December 21, 2001

Israel rejects the resolutions of the UN General Assembly’s emergency session, which was convened yesterday evening under the pretext of peace, but which found itself legitimizing terrorism. These are unilateral resolutions that condemn one party to the conflict and disregard the Palestinian terrorism, incitement and violence, which the world has been witnessing for months.

These resolutions do not encourage the settlement of the conflict by negotiations, but constitute a message that legitimizes the use of violence and terror while making cynical use of the UN’s automatic majority.

Israel expresses its appreciation for those countries that took its stance during the Assembly’s emergency session, but also expresses it particular disappointment with the attitude of Western European countries: these countries aspire to be involved in the efforts to renew talks, are well aware of the reality in the field, but in spite of this they chose to side with this unbalanced resolution.

It is unacceptable that at a time in which the world is at war against terrorism, a UN member country that is the victim of terrorism is condemned.

The results of the UN’s emergency Assembly’s discussions prove once again that the solution cannot be found in international forums, but in the field itself: the Palestinians must cease their terrorism forthwith, and only after a complete ceasefire is achieved can negotiations be resumed in accordance with the measures the parties themselves have agreed upon. Israel expects the implementation of the declared Palestinian ceasefire and a maturation of the terms that will provide for the resumption of negotiations that Israel longs for.