Jerusalem, 11 September 2001

Jenin Operation
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

For the past several months the city Jenin has been serving as a ‘hornet’s nest": the center of terrorist activity, from which most suicide bombers against Israel have emanated. Under the guidance of terrorist operatives from Jenin, suicide bombings were carried out in Israel, the latest of which was the suicide bombing in Nahariya, the placing of a bomb at the Golani intersection and several shooting attacks. Al the terrorist organizations have established their infrastructure in the area of Jenin uninterruptedly, through cooperation with PA officials and through mutual coordination in several terrorist attacks.

The city of Jenin enabled the growth of terrorist leaders, such as Al Chapuri and Mahmud Nursi of the Islamic Jihad, Kaise Aduan of the Hamas, Abd el-Kharis Awas from the Tanzim, and others.

The terrorist operatives have been taking full advantage of Jenin’s close proximity to the Green line for the purpose of infiltrating terrorists and weapons and for the enlistment of terrorists and abettors from among Israeli Arabs. The main example is the group of youngsters from Dir-Hanna, activated by Tanzim activists from Jenin for terrorist purposes.

Israel’s security officials have alerted their Palestinian counterparts of Jenin’s transformation into a "terrorism nest", provided information on the identities of the terrorist leaders and requested their arrest. The Palestinian security forces have ignored these warnings and enabled the rapid growth of terrorist elements.

The list of terrorist attacks launched from the area of Jenin has therefore grown longer, and it includes the following incidents:

On then part of Hamas:

  • A suicide bombing in the train station in Nahariya.
  • Suicide bombings in Hadera and Netanya in 2000 and 2001.

    On the part of the Islamic Jihad:

  • A suicide bombing at the train station in Binyamina.
  • A suicide bombing at the train station in Hadera.
  • A suicide bombing at a restaurant in Kiryat Motzkin.
  • An attempted bombing at a discotheque in Haifa.
  • An attempted suicide bombing in Afula.
  • An attempted suicide bombing in Sde-Trumot.
  • An aborted suicide bombing in Haifa.
  • A bomb in a garbage can in Hadera.
  • A planned terrorist bombing at the promenade in Haifa.
  • A shooting attack at the Adam junction.
  • A large number of bombs and shooting incidents in the area of Jenin and along the Green Line.

    On the part of the Tanzim:

  • Shooting at Ganim and Kadim.
  • The enlistment and activation of Israeli-Arabs from Dir-Hanna.
  • The murder of Lior Atia.
  • The murder of a soldier in Wadi Ara at the Umm el-Fahm junction.
  • Dozens of bombs and shooting incidents in northern Samaria.

    Furthermore, the terrorist elements in Jenin have instructed and guided the establishment of local infrastructures in Tamun, Arabeh, Kabatia and Yabed.

    The significant increase in the terrorist activity in the Jenin area, coupled with the inaction of the PA mechanisms to curb these terrorist elements, have left Israel with no other choice but to take action against these infrastructures. These steps are necessary to defend the lives of our citizens and prevent, to the greatest possible extent, the infiltration of terrorists and the launching of terrorist attacks from the city of Jenin into Israel, and to improve Israel’s capabilities against the terrorist organizations.


     Jenin Operation-11-Sep-2001
     Jenin Operation-11-Sep-2001
    IDF Spokesman statement – Sept 11, 2001