Knesset Resolution Regarding the Kidnapped Israelis in Lebanon

15 October 2001

1. We, Members of the Knesset, the parliament of Israel, appeal to all governments, parliaments, civilian organizations and all those who uphold the principles of law, justice and morality, to issue a joint call on the governments of Syria and Lebanon to take immediate action for the release of the three Israeli soldiers: Beni Avraham, Adi Avitan and Omar Souad who were kidnapped on October 7th, 2000 by the Hizboullah terrorist organization into Lebanese territory from an area under Israeli control.

We also call for the release of the Israeli civilian, Elhanan Tannenbaum, who was abducted by the same organization on October 15th 2000 and is being held in Lebanon, and for information that will lead to the return of the other Israelis, Missing in Action, whose fate has been unknown for years: Zecharia Baumel, Zvi Feldman, Yehuda Katz, Ron Arad, and Guy Hever.

2. The Knesset notes that the State of Israel fully implemented United Nations Resolution 425 by withdrawing its forces from Lebanese soil to the international boundary. This boundary was marked under the direction of the United Nations and by UN personnel, paying strict attention to every single map marking.

Lebanon did not comply with United Nations Resolution 425. The Lebanese army was to have taken control of the strip of territory vacated by the Israeli army, but did not do this. In its place, the border area was taken over by the Hizboullah Organization, which acts on orders from Syria and Iran. This was what also made possible the kidnapping of the three soldiers, more than a year ago.

3. The Knesset wishes to give expression to the distress resulting from the total absence of any sign of life since the abductions or information of any kind as to the fate of the kidnapped soldiers so that their families are totally in the dark regarding their dear ones and therefore suffer unbearably. This situation contravenes any human or moral code.

4. The Knesset notes that despite all our efforts until now, following every possible path, via various intermediaries, the Hizboullah has adamantly and arrogantly refrained from providing the slightest fragment of information about the young men who were kidnapped, and has prevented their receiving any visits by any international representative.

5. The Knesset calls on all governments, parliaments, civilian organizations and individuals who are concerned about the issue of the kidnapped soldiers to denounce and condemn on every possible platform this behaviour of the Hizboullah and its supporters, behaviour unacceptable in civilized society. Even during periods of bitter conflict between nations and peoples, basic codes of behaviour and human and moral values must be preserved.

6. The Knesset sends a special appeal to the United Nations, the International Red Cross and to all international organizations that uphold human welfare and human rights, to fulfill the basic code they follow and to make use of every channel, tool and means at their disposal and not to rest until the kidnapped soldiers have been released.

7. The Knesset believes that this effort to acquire information and the return of the boys to their homes should not be set aside even during this period when the attention of the world is focused on the crucial struggle to destroy international terrorism. The unknown fate of the boys is in the hands of a terrorist organization and its supporters, and therefore the struggle to bring them home, important in its own right, is also part of the struggle to put an end to international terrorism in all its manifestations, which uses unlawful means to instigate cruel and indiscriminate attacks on innocent people anywhere.

8. The Knesset calls on all world parliaments to join this appeal and to adopt a similar resolution of their own, to be brought to the attention of their own public as well as that of the international community. The Knesset calls on parliaments to explore every possible avenue for help in this attempt to shed light on the fate of the kidnapped and missing men so that they can soon be brought back home.

 Knesset Resolution Regarding the Kidnapped Israelis in Lebanon-15-Oct-2001
 Knesset Resolution Regarding the Kidnapped Israelis in Lebanon-15-Oct-2001
Israelis held captive by Hizbullah since Oct 2000