Jerusalem, 17 December 2001

PM Sharon: Israel’s patience with empty words and false promises has run out, wants to see actions and results
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spoke tonight (Monday), December 17, 2001, with French President Jacques Chirac. Prime Minister Sharon described for President Chirac the situation in the field, including the two terror attacks in which three Israelis were injured. The Prime Minister noted that there have been 17 terror attacks in the past 24 hours. Prime Minister Sharon said that the Palestinian terror has not stopped. Arafat continues to give the green light to terrorism, and has taken no preventative actions to foil terrorist attacks.

Prime Minister Sharon said, "Israel’s patience with empty words and false promises has run out. Israel wants to see actions and results."

Prime Minister Sharon stated that Israel is committed, and will continue to be committed, to peace, true peace, a peace for generations. However, Israel will continue to take every necessary measure to protect the lives of its citizens, and its very existence.

President Chirac told Prime Minister Sharon that he would be happy to meet with him at the earliest possible occasion.