PM Sharon Meets Canadian FM Manley

Jerusalem, 13 May 2001

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met today with Canadian Foreign Minister John Manley.

The Prime Minister detailed the severe escalation of Palestinian terror and violence, while emphasizing that the utmost commitment of the Government is achieving security for its citizens, and it will do its utmost to protect them. Israel is committed to peace, but not at the price of its citizens.

The Prime Minister said his Government would conduct negotiations only after a total cessation of violence and terror of all types.

The Prime Minister also said he is demanding that the Palestinian Authority bring about a complete cessation of the terror activities and venomous incitement to murder Israeli civilians wherever they may be, which is conducted by the official Palestinian Authority’s media and under their exclusive control.

Relating to the Mitchell Commission Report, the Prime Minister said the report had positive elements, including its calling upon the Palestinian Authority to meet its commitments and take immediate steps for the halting of the violence. At the same time, in the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians it was determined that the matter of settlements would be discussed within the framework of permanent status arrangements.

Relating to the Egyptian-Jordanian initiative, the Prime Minister said that there was a need for a testing period of the cessation of violence, which would be determined according to the results in the field. An achieving of an arrangement could only be realized after there was total quiet, and after total implementation of all of the signed arrangements.