Jerusalem, 3 June 2001

PM Sharon meets with German FM Fischer
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

PM Sharon to German FM Fischer: Arafat must halt incitement and violence, and arrest released terrorists; results must be seen immediately

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met on Sunday, June 3, 2001, with German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. The latter expressed both his condolences and those of his government regarding the victims of last Friday’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, which he defined as "a terrible crime."

Foreign Minister Fischer said that he very much appreciated the Israeli government’s policy of restraint since the declaration of a cease-fire and added that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat must work towards a cease-fire in deeds and security measures, not just in words.

Foreign Minister Fischer said that he understood the reasons for Prime Minister Sharon’s decision to postpone his trip to Europe but suggested that he make the trip as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked Foreign Minister Fischer for his efforts over the past days.

Prime Minister Sharon told Foreign Minister Fischer that since Israel declared a unilateral cease-fire and adopted the Mitchell Committee report, there have been more than 140 terrorist attacks, which have claimed many victims, including the abominable murder in Tel Aviv two days ago.

Prime Minister Sharon said that PA Chairman Arafat must immediately:

1. Halt the incitement;
2. Halt the violence and terrorism; and
3. Arrest the terrorists who have been released, there being no doubt that the PA knows their whereabouts.

Prime Minister Sharon said that the PA and Chairman Arafat are engaged in terrorism and added that Israel does not need words or statements from Arafat but actions and deeds. The Prime Minister said that the results must be seen immediately.