Jerusalem, 15 June 2001

PM Sharon: Violence and acts of terrorism have not stopped, Palestinian Authority is not carrying out arrests
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, on Friday, June 15, 2001, held security consultations – including an assessment of the situation vis-a-vis implementation of the Tenet document – with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and senior security establishment officials.

Even 48 hours after the implementation of the cease-fire by Israel, the picture of the situation is that the violence and acts of terrorism have not stopped and the Palestinian Authority is not carrying out arrests as it has committed itself to doing.

However, the State of Israel has eased sanctions on a wide scale, including opening the international crossings, lifting the tight closures on Palestinian cities, removing roadblocks, lifting the ban on fishing by Gaza fishermen, and allowing the entry of goods into the PA areas.

While Prime Minister Sharon has – at this stage – directed that Israel uphold the cease-fire, it will differentiate between quiet areas and those where the violence is continuing.

Prime Minister Sharon emphasized that if the acts of violence continue there will be no alternative but to act to foil the attacks and strike at the attackers.

Prime Minister Sharon said that presenting our positions abroad is very important, as is pointing out those bodies that are not upholding their part of the agreement.

Prime Minister Sharon said that Israel is obligated to implementing the Tenet document and the Mitchell report but added that it will be impossible to advance towards implementing the outline as long as the Palestinian Authority does not meet its commitments and as long as complete quiet is not achieved.