Jerusalem, 19 November 2001

PM Sharon welcomes US Secy. of State Powell’s speech
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has, this evening (Monday), November 19, 2001, said that he welcomes US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech and the understanding approach presented therein.

Prime Minister Sharon praised US President George Bush and Secretary of State Powell for their uncompromising war on global terrorism for the sake of freedom, liberty and democracy.

Prime Minister Sharon said that the cessation of all terrorism, violence and incitement is a prior condition for any diplomatic progress. The Prime Minister said, "In order for us to find the chance to reach the cease-fire that we all hope for, I have established a negotiating team – in conjunction with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres – to conduct negotiations toward achieving a cease-fire with the Secretary of State’s special representatives, Assistant Secretary of State William Burns and [retired US Marine Corps] Gen. Anthony Zinni."

The State of Israel shares the US’s commitment to the Tenet and Mitchell agreements, in which it was precisely determined how to make progress in the direction that we all hope for – toward quiet and peace, a peace which will enable Israel to enjoy secure borders according do UN Security Council Resolution 242, with Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital.

 PM Sharon welcomes US Secy of State Powell-s speech-19-Nov-2001
 PM Sharon welcomes US Secy of State Powell-s speech-19-Nov-2001
Foreign Policy Address by Secretary of State Powell, University of Louisville, Kentucky – Nov 19, 2001