Jerusalem, 15 August 2001

Police & ISA arrest terrorists planning Haifa attack
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

In the wake of warnings of planned terrorists attacks in the Haifa area on Friday evening August 10, 2001, Northern District Police officers, in conjunction with the ISA, initiated operations among concentrations of illegal residents.

These operations led to the arrest of a number of residents of Jenin. Information resulting from their questioning led to the discovery, and neutralization, of an explosive device cached in a hiding place. The detainees are suspected of belonging to the Islamic Jihad, and their intention was to commit an attack in a crowded area in Haifa.

Further arrests were made of people suspected of providing aid to the terrorists both in entering Israel and providing hiding places.

 Police-ISA arrest terrorists planning Haifa attack-15-Aug-2001
 Police-ISA arrest terrorists planning Haifa attack-15-Aug-2001
Jerusalem Post report – Aug 16, 2001