2 June 2001

Political-Security Cabinet Communique

1) The Government of Israel sends its condolences to the bereaved families and its wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded of last night’s heinous attack.

2) The Government of Israel has determined that the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Chairman Arafat are engaged in terrorist activity, encourage it and are inciting to hatred and violence. The PA has not only violated all the obligations and agreements to fight the terrorist and incitement infrastructure, but its members are themselves engaged in terrorism and incitement.
The PA has established in its territory a coalition of terror, and is attempting to disguise it with words of peace as lip service to the international community, while continuing to incite its people to hatred and violence.
The violent Palestinian attack against Israel came after far-reaching Israeli proposals for peace were rejected.

3) Israel holds the PA responsible for the deterioration and will draw the security and political conclusions from its conduct.

4) Terrorism is abominable. It is aimed at the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Israel calls upon the international community to take action that will clarify that terrorism has a political price and that the community of nations does not accept terrorism as a legitimate means.
Countries and organizations which condone terrorism should not be acceptable members of the international community.
Terrorism and radicalism are a threat to regional stability. There is not, and can never be, any compromise with terrorism.

5) Israel will act to protect the lives of its citizens and will take every necessary step toward this end.

6) Israel has accepted the Mitchell Report and announced a unilateral cease-fire. Our steps to break this cycle of violence have not received any comparable response by the PA, but rather have been answered with increased incitement and heinous acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens.

7) The people of Israel have demonstrated tenacity and national unity in this cycle of violence that has been imposed upon us. We have confronted this challenge, like every other challenge forced upon us in the past by our enemies, without being deterred by threats and killings.

8) Israel is a peace-seeking nation, and the State of Israel has made significant concessions for peace. Only if the Palestinian Authority puts an end to terrorism and incitement, and takes action against the terrorist infrastructure in its territory, including the arrest of terrorists, can it be a partner to the political process.