Positioning of forces in the town of Beit Jalla in order to prevent Palestinian fire on Jerusalem

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
August 28, 2001

Following the numerous and frequent incidents of shooting from the town of Beit Jalla towards innocent Israeli citizens in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem and on the Tunnel Road, which has resulted in injury to many Israelis and damage to property, IDF forces took control of key areas of Beit Jalla and will maintain a military presence and activities in these sites and their surroundings in order to prevent further gunfire.

IDF forces will carry out their task while taking utmost care to avoid any possibility of harm to innocent civilians, foreign nationals, or holy sites.

The IDF Spokesman stresses that the IDF is in effect carrying out a function which the Palestinian Authority should have fulfilled: the prevention of gunfire and terrorist activity directed against the citizens of Jerusalem, the neighborhood of Gilo in Jerusalem, and the Tunnel Road, from areas under its control.

IDF forces entered the area and will undertake the necessary actions within a limited timeframe in order to achieve the aims of the operation.