Jerusalem, 16 August 2001

Pres Bush calls PM Sharon to express condolences
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Thursday, August 16, 2001, received a telephone call from US President George W. Bush expressing his sincere condolences on the attack in Jerusalem and his shock over the murder of innocent people including American citizens by the Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up in a restaurant filled with children in the heart of Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Sharon told the President that Israel will not escalate the situation or lead the region to war. Having said that, the Prime Minister clarified that Israel has a commitment to protect the well-being and safety of its citizens.

The Prime Minister further explained to the President that the actions taken at the Orient House were an enforcement of Israeli law in Jerusalem, laws that were systematically broken by the Palestinians. The Prime Minister said that weapons and explosives were found at the Orient House and Abu Dis, and that activities at these locations included kidnapping, torture, murder, extortion, threats and surveillance by the Palestinian Authority against the population of eastern Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Sharon clarified that he is working to ease the situation for residents of the PA territories who are not involved in terrorist activities. To this end, he requested that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres work with the Palestinians on this issue. However, the Prime Minister said that Israel will continue to take preventative actions against those who intend on planning, aiding and carrying out terrorist actions in Israel.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked President Bush for the pressure he put on Arafat in an effort to end the terror and incitement as well as for the US support of Israel in the international arena.

 Pres Bush calls PM Sharon to express condolences-16-Aug-2001
 Pres Bush calls PM Sharon to express condolences-16-Aug-2001
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 Pres Bush calls PM Sharon to express condolences-16-Aug-2001
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