Message from
the President of the State of Israel
Mr. Moshe Katsav
to the Jewish Communities of the Diaspora
on Israel’s Independence Day 5761-2001

Fifty-three years is but a short period in the Jewish people’s ancient history. However, much has been achieved in Israel since its establishment after 2000 years of exile and 4000 years since becoming a nation.

Our country’s population has grown to more than six million, including more than one million Arab citizens, who enjoy equal rights. Immigrants have been absorbed from the four corners of the world, and in the last decade, one million Jews from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Israel has given all of them social security, health insurance, a home, and has seen to their basic needs. There is no other country in the world which has succeeded, in one decade, in adding 20 percent to its population.

Israel today is a strong, democratic, free and modern country, one of the leaders in the world in the fields of advanced technology, hi-tech, medicine, medical equipment and agriculture.

The road to peace is not an easy one. It is full of obstacles, but we are determined to continue along it for the benefit of our people and those of the region.

In conclusion, I wish to call on you to visit Israel more frequently and to encourage your youth to join us and gain an impression of our wonderful and developed country.

On the occasion of Independence Day, let us all unite around our common principles and let us work together to strengthen the Jewish people wherever they are.

 President Moshe Katsav-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5761-2001
 President Moshe Katsav-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5761-2001
Israel Independence Day 2001