Jerusalem, 28 March 2001

Security Cabinet Communique
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

1. The Government of Israel announces this evening (Wednesday), March 28, 2001, that targets in the Palestinian Authority (PA) areas have been attacked. These are specific targets associated with terrorist elements (Force 17) carefully selected to avoid civilian injuries.

2. Regrettably, there are elements within the PA who are intensively involved in terrorism, violence and incitement. Israel holds the PA responsible for the current wave of attacks and calls on the international community to use its influence on the PA and its leader so that they will cease terrorist activities and violence, and will work to prevent them, as they have committed themselves to do in the agreements the signed. In the absence of preventive actions by the PA, Israel has and will continue to exercise its right to self-defense.

3. The principle guiding the government is constant and consistent action against the terrorists, as well as against those who both dispatch and assist them. The policy will be directed against terrorist elements. Measures to ease the living conditions of the Palestinian civilian population have and will continue to be taken, subject to security considerations.

Israel is not interested in a confrontation with the Palestinian people. Rather, it wants peace and co-existence. However, these goals can only be achieved through dialogue and by peaceful means, not by shooting and terrorist attacks directed against civilians.

4. The government calls on the public to display patience and resilience in the face of the violent attacks against it.

5. The government calls on the public to support the security forces, to remain alert and to obey the law even under these difficult circumstances.

 Security Cabinet Communique-28-Mar-2001
 Security Cabinet Communique-28-Mar-2001
Force 17 Background Material – IDF Spokesman
 Security Cabinet Communique-28-Mar-2001
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories