Jerusalem, 2 June 2001

Secy of State Powell phones PM Sharon
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

American Secretary of State Colin Powell called Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to express his sorrow and condolences for the terror attack in Tel Aviv. Secretary Powell also expressed the shock and condolences of President George Bush. The Secretary added that Arafat’s statement may have had new words, but it he will be judged only by his actions and results on the ground, and this is what the entire international community expects.

Prime Minister Sharon replied that even in the past Arafat made similar pronouncements when he feared that he would be harmed in response to terrible deeds he committed. The Prime Minister emphasized that Arafat will be judged only by his deeds and the results on the ground, and that he must carry out three things:

1) A cessation of the incitement;
2) A cessation of the terror;
3) Arrest of all terrorists who were released and continue their activities, and whose whereabouts are openly know to the Authority.

Prime Minister Sharon and Secretary Powell agreed to continue to stay in touch.