Jerusalem, 25 February 2001

Senior Fatah-Tanzim operatives responsible for murder of Ofir Rahum
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Israel Security Agency ISA (formerly the GSS), in cooperation with the Israel Police Unit for the Investigation of International Crimes, has succeeded in discovering the identities of the murderers of Ofir Rahum on January 17, 2001. Amana Muna, who was identified as the woman who lured Ophir into meeting her, was arrested at her Bir Naballah home on January 20, 2001.

Following a prolonged investigation by ISA interrogators, Muna confessed to her part in murdering Ofir Rahum along with two senior Ramallah-area Fatah Tanzim operatives – Hassan Alkadi and Abdul Fatah Doleh from Beituniya.

From Muna’s preliminary version of events, the following details arise:

1. She maintained Internet connections with several Israelis who had expressed grievances over the Palestinians’ behavior.

2. Against this background, she decided to meet one of them in order to abduct him so as to shock Israeli public opinion and thus send a message to Israel and the world against the killing of children and youths in the intifada. She stated that her intention was merely to abduct, not to kill.

3. From among the Israelis she was in contact with, she decided to abduct Ofir Rahum.

4. She informed another Palestinian of her plan; he, in turn, instructed her what to do.

5. On the day of the murder, she picked Ofir Rahum up at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and drove him to the outskirts of Ramallah.

6. There, she had arranged to meet two additional Fatah Tanzim activists. One of them tried to pull Ofir out of the car but when Ofir resisted, he shot him several times with an AK-47 in his possession.

7. After the murder, the two Palestinian activists loaded Ofir’s body into their vehicle and fled to inside Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah. There they buried Ofir’s body.

8. The body was discovered by local residents a day later. The body was transferred to a Ramallah hospital and eventually to Israeli liaison officials.

The ISA will continue its efforts to apprehend others who were involved in Ofir Rahum’s murder.

 Senior Fatah-Tanzim operatives responsible for murder of Ofir Rahum-25-Feb-2001
 Senior Fatah-Tanzim operatives responsible for murder of Ofir Rahum-25-Feb-2001
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 Senior Fatah-Tanzim operatives responsible for murder of Ofir Rahum-25-Feb-2001
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