Jerusalem, 31 December 2001

Senior Gaza terrorist among those killed yesterday trying to infiltrate into Israel
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Yesterday (Sunday), December 30, 2001, at approximately 20:00, a security force unit posted along the Gaza Strip border fence near Beit Hanoun, identified three suspicious figures that had crossed the fence into Israeli territory. During an effort to arrest them, an exchange of fire developed in which the three infiltrators were killed. The three infiltrators were found to be in possession of – inter alia – two explosive belts, an M-16 with a telescopic sight, a pistol and six hand grenades.

One of the infiltrators was Ismail Ahmed Ahmed Alqumsan, born in 1969, a Palestinian resident of Jebalya, a leader of the popular resistance forces in the Gaza Strip and the commander of its military wing in the northern Gaza Strip, who had been involved in shooting attacks against IDF forces and the firing of mortar rounds at Israeli communities, often in cooperation with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

His name had been given repeatedly to the Palestinian Authority along with demands that he be arrested. Nothing was ever done.