Solidarity Delegation from New York

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
December 6, 2001

A delegation headed by the Governor of New York, George Pataki, the incumbent Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giulianni and the Mayor-elect, Michael Bloomberg, will arrive in Israel on December 9 for a one-day solidarity visit. The delegation will also be joined by leaders of the American Jewish community, headed by Mortimer Zuckerman.

The delegation will be visiting Israel in order to express the solidarity of New York citizens with the citizens of the State of Israel and its capital Jerusalem, following the recent terrorist attacks. The visit will also enable Israelis to express their solidarity with the citizens of New York, following the terrorist attacks there.

The New York delegation will be hosted by Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert. During the visit, the delegation will meet with the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other leaders. The delegation will tour Jerusalem, and will visit the sites of the recent terrorist attacks, accompanied by the Mayor of Jerusalem. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attaches great importance to the visit, and is handling the various aspects of the delegation’s trip.

In the evening, a rally will be held at Zion Square, in the Center of Jerusalem, during which there will be a candle lighting ceremony to mark the Festival of Hanukkah, to be attended by the guests from New York who will also address the rally.

 Solidarity Delegation from New York
 Solidarity Delegation from New York
FM Peres addresses the Solidarity Delegation from New York – Dec 9, 2001