Jerusalem, 31 October 2001

Terror attack foiled; senior Hamas terrorist killed
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

A short while ago today (Wednesday), October 31, 2001, initiatied action by security forces in Hebron foiled a terrorist attack. In the course of the action, IDF helicopters attacked Jamil Jadallah who was on the verge of perpetrating a terrorist attack on Israel.

Jamil Munir Muhammad Jadallah was a central figure in the miltiary wing of the Hamas, the murderer of the late Danny Vargas and Itamar Doron and was involved in dozens of additional attacks. He had been staying recently in Hebron with the knowledge and sponsorship of the Palestinian security establishment.

Jadallah was sentenced by the Palestinians to life imprisonment, and has escaped from prison four times. Not only have the Palestinians not done anything to bring about his arrest, but they provided him protection and allowed him to continue his activities in Hamas’ military wing.

After his most recent escape, Jadallah joined the senior infastructure of Hamas’ military wing in the Samaria region responsible for the Dolphinarium suicide attack, the attack at Neveh Yamin, the attack on the Sharon mall in Netanya, the attack on the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, and the attack on the Nahariya train station. During his stay in Samaria, Jadallah assisted in carrying out these attacks.

Jadallah recently returned to the Hebron region and was active there in terrorist attacks which were perpetrated inside Israel.