The Arab Summit: Response of Foreign Minister Peres

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
March 28, 2001

The closing statement issued by the Arab Summit in Amman is an obstacle to peace and only serves to exasperate the animosity between the parties. It attempts to dictate a one-sided policy instead of advocating a return to negotiations between two equal partners who are willing to compromise.

The world community cannot accept the summit’s interpretation of the "land for peace" formula according to which Israel gives up land but does not receive peace.

Israel does not wish to rule over another people and its government has ruled out the use of collective punishment. Currently, Israel is in the process of easing many restrictions previously placed on the Palestinian civilian population.

Even though faced with a wave of terrorism, Israel remains faithful to its desire to bring peace to the entire region.

 The Arab Summit- Response of FM Peres
 The Arab Summit- Response of FM Peres
Arabs united on Israel, divided on Iraq – Ha’aretz, Mar 29, 2001