Jerusalem, 23 May 2001

US President Bush praises PM Sharon
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

President George Bush called Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and praised him for the step he took. President Bush said the step is important, and clearly expresses the Prime Minister’s quest for peace. The President thanked the Prime Minister for the close cooperation and the warm relations between the leaders, and said that the United States and the world are watching the events, adding that he greatly appreciates the Prime Minister’s activities and his leadership.

President Bush added that he understands that the confidence building measures are only feasible if the situation is restored and the violence ceases. The two leaders agreed to continue their close and ongoing contacts.

 US President Bush praises PM Sharon-23-May-2001
 US President Bush praises PM Sharon-23-May-2001
Statement by Prime Minister Sharon – May 22, 2001