Visit to Israel of Yugoslavian Foreign Minister Svilanovic

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
October 21, 2001

The Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia, Goran Svilanovic, will arrive tomorrow (October 22) for an official two-day visit to Israel.

This is the first visit of a Yugoslavian Foreign Minister to Israel since the State of Israel was established.

In light of the recent events in Israel, and the visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to the United States, Mr. Svilanovic will be hosted by the Minister for Regional Cooperation, Mr. Roni Milo.

Minister Milo will hold a working meeting with the Yugoslavian Foreign Minister. During the meeting, they will discuss bilateral and multilateral issues, as well as ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

Foreign Minister Svilanovic will also meet with the President and the Prime Minister of Israel, and will visit Yad Vashem.

The new democratic government headed by President Vojislav Kostunica has brought about a considerable improvement in Yugoslavia’s international standing, following a period of international isolation, during the regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

The relations between Israel and Yugoslavia were limited as a result of Yugoslavia’s political isolation during the Milosevic years, but ties between the two countries have now improved. The visit of Foreign Minister Svilanovic opens a new era in the relations between Israel and Yugoslavia, marking the beginning of cooperation between the two countries in all areas of common interest.