Water Discussions between Israel and Turkey

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
January 24, 2001

Israeli and Turkish delegations held discussions in Ankara on January 22 and January 23, on the issue of importing water from Turkey. The Israeli delegation, headed by the Senior Deputy Director for the Department of the Accountant-General in the Ministry of Finance, also included Foreign Ministry representatives headed by the Israeli Ambassador in Turkey and the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor, the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Water Issues and experts from the Water Commission and the Mekorot company. On the Turkish side, the discussions were conducted by the Director General of the Water Authority and Foreign Ministry officials. The discussions focused on the main elements relating to the project, including the quality and amount of water, prices and the contractual commitments of the respective governments.

The delegations decided that the discussions would continue in the future, with the aim of reaching an agreement. At the end of the second day of talks, the delegation heads signed a Discussions Protocol summing up all the issues upon which there was agreement.