11 April 2002

A woman terrorist, en route to carry out a suicide attack, arrested in Tulkarm

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Less than two days after IDF forces withdrew from Tulkarm, IDF forces arrested Shefa Kudasi, a young Palestinian woman, resident of Tulkarm. Kudasi had been recruited by Fatah-Tanzim to carry out a suicide attack inside Israel while disguised as a pregnant woman.

Kudasi, 26-years-old, divorced and the mother of an eight-year-old girl, was arrested tonight (April 11) at her parents house. When questioned, she admitted that she had been instructed by wanted Tanzim terrorists to infiltrate into the Sharon region of Israel while disguised as a pregnant woman who is wearing a coat and carrying a bag, and to carry out a suicide attack in a crowded location.

As of late, Israel has seen a large number of attacks carried out by Palestinian women in the service of the terrorist organizations. These organizations are interested in exploiting the assumption that women do not arouse suspicion either on their way to Israel or during their stay there. It is highly likely that the Palestinian terrorist organizations will continue to exploit the innocent countenance of women in order to carry out terrorist attacks. By doing so, they are sending these women to their deaths.

The arrest of Shefa Kudasi was carried out by IDF soldiers who had to re-enter the town of Tulkarm in order to perform this mission. This arrest foiled the young woman’s intentions to commit suicide, preventing a murderous terrorist attack.