Jerusalem, 14 April 2002

Additional information gained in questioning terrorist suspects

(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

1. Further to the IDF Spokesman’s communique of 11 April which announced the surrender in Jenin of senior Islamic Jihad operative Tabaat Ozmi Suleiman Mardawi, the following additional information about his terrorist activities has come to light in course of questioning:

  • Mardawi is personally responsible for organizing and orchestrating a series of terrorist attacks in which 20 Israelis were murdered and 150 wounded.
  • Mardawi armed and dispatched at least nine human bombs.
  • Mardawi received his operating orders directly from Islamic Jihad headquarters in Syria, with which he maintained ongoing contact.
  • During the fighting in Jenin, Mardawi detonated several tanks of cooking gas planted in a number of inhabited civilian dwellings, causing their collapse.

    2. Further to the IDF Spokesman’s communique of 3 April which announced the surrender of terrorists in Betunia, additional information has come to light in course of questioning regarding senior Hamas terrorist Billal Barghouti’s cooperation with the West Bank leader of Arafat’s own Fatah faction Marwan Barghouti.

    Billal stated that when he was wanted in connection with his terrorist activities – which included orchestrating the fatal bombing of the Sbarro Pizzaria in Jerusalem in which 15 were killed and 107 injured – he stayed for a week in the home of Marwan Barghouti. He added that when he left the house, Marwan Barghouti armed him with a pistol.

    This admission on the part of a wanted Hamas terrorist testifies to the support that Marwan Barghouti extended to other terrorist organizations while simultaneously directing the activities of the Fatah’s armed militia, the Tanzim.