12 April 2002

Ali Zafouri, a Senior Wanted Suspect, Surrendered to IDF Forces in the Jenin Refugee Camp

(Communciated by the IDF Spokesman)

Ali Saliman Said el Saidi (Zafouri), aged 40 from the Jenin refugee camp, is a senior Islamic Jihad operative and one of the leaders of the organization in the Jenin area. He is responsible for a series of bombings in Israel, including several attempted attacks during the course of the last year.

Zafouri began to rise in importance as a terrorist activist in May 2001, when he was a member of Karim Awiss cell, Awiss was a senior Tanzim operative in the refugee camp. Zafouri was then responsible for preparing explosives and mortar bombs for this cell.

Since the beginning of his activities, Zafouri was a full accomplice of Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmed Toualbeh (Noursi), a leader of the Islamic Jihad in the Jenin area. Over time, Zafouri became known as one who would prepare explosive devices for anyone who wanted them.

Attacks & attempted attacks in which Zafouri was involved in 2001:

25 May: Explosion of a car bomb containing two suicide bombers, in the Hadera Central Bus Station, that wounded 45 people.

20 June: Explosion of a bomb in a garbage can in Hadera. There were no casualties.

11 July: Attempted bombing attack by Jihad Jarrar in Afula, who admitted in his interrogation that he intended to carry out a suicide attack in a crowded place, with an explosive device he received from Mahmoud Toualba and Ali Zafouri. They also instructed Jarrar how to operate the explosive and blow himself up, as well as dispatching him in a taxi to Israel.

16 July: Suicide bomber explosion at the Binyamina train station that killed 2 and wounded 8, including 3 seriously and 5 lightly.

22 July: Attempt by Mourad Toualba, brother of Mahmoud Toualba, to carry out a suicide bombing in Haifa. After Mourad was apprehended, he led the police to an explosive belt he hid in an abandoned house in Haifa. Under interrogation Mourad said he was sent to carry out the attack by his brother, Mahmoud and by Ali Zafouri.

2 August: Mahmed Abu Haddar is caught attempting to board a bus near Beit Shean to carry out a suicide bombing; using explosives apparently prepared by Zafouri.

12 August: Suicide bomber detonates himself in the Wall Street cafe in Kiryat Motzkin that wounded 14 civilians.

16 August: Samir Abdallah Fatah Rada Toubasi, who was arrested in Umm el Faham en route to commit a suicide bombing, admitted that Mahmoud Nourbi and Ali Zafouri recruited him to carry out the attack.

7 October: Suicide bomber explodes at the entrance to Kibbutz Shluchot, killing an Israeli civilian.

28 November: Shooting attack at passers-by in the Hadera open air market, killing 4 and wounding 20.

27 November: Drive by shooting in the Afula Central Bus Station kills 2 civilians and wounds 48.

9 December: Suicide bomber explodes at a bus stop near the Check Post junction in Haifa, wounding 29 civilians.