Jerusalem, 10 April, 2002

Arafat approves the employment of terrorists in his security forces
(Communicated by Israel security sources)

From documents captured during Operation Defensive Shield it emerges that Chairman Arafat knew and approved the employment of members of the military Tanzim Fatah wing who were involved in terrorist activities as full-time staff members in various positions in the different security organizations.

The documents were sent to Arafat for his approval by senior members of the security forces – Tawfik Tirawi, head of the General Information Service, Marwan Barghouti, head of Fatah in the West Bank, and members of other forces.

Among the list of candidates for work in these forces who were approved by Arafat are a number of members of the Tanzim Fatah military wing who took part in terrorist attacks in which Israeli citizens were killed.

Among these terrorists are:

  • Iyad Ahmed Yousuf Suwalha – aged 28, from the village of Ra’i. Iyad started out by participating personally in the murder of four people suspected of collaboration and in the violent interrogation of fifty suspected collaborators.

    With the start of the Al Aqsa Intifada, he became involved in supplying weapons to Fatah activists. Until recently he served as the main manufacturer of explosive devices and car bombs and the supplier of raw materials for manufacturing explosive devices for various entities involved in terrorism in the Samaria region.

    Iyad was personally involved in the terrorist attack on January 30, 2002, in which a suicide bomber blew himself up in a car belonging to the security forces, injuring two people. Iyad prepared the explosive device used in the attack, attached it to the body of the suicide bomber, armed the device and helped transport the perpetrator to the place where the attack was carried out.

  • Sudki Hamad Shaker Zaru – aged 42, from Hebron, a senior operative in the Tanzim military wing in Hebron and a member of the military infrastructure which carried out a number of attacks, including the murder of baby Shalhevet Pass on March 26, 2001, and the shooting attack on the western sentry post in Kiryat Arba on July 12, 2001, in which the guard was killed.
  • Yehia Mohammed Abd el Rahman al Zabidi – aged 23, a resident of the Jenin refugee camp, a Tanzim activist who was injured in a work accident during an attempted terrorist attack together with a senior Hamas activist. Yehia was involved with Fatah activists in transferring weapons, planning shooting attacks and planting bombs in the Tulkarm area. He was also linked with Hamas activists in Jenin.
  • Kassem Salah Kassem Bani Jabber – aged 29, a resident of Akrabe and an activist in the Fatah military wing. He served as deputy head of the Special Forces in the Jenin Palestinian General Security Service. He is wanted, along with others, for involvement in plans to carry out attacks under the direction of Mahandar Diriye, another wanted terrorist who has been captured.
  • Ziyad Mohammed Abd el Fatah Bizar – aged 27, from Bitilu, today living in El Bireh, a Fatah handler carrying out shooting attacks in the Beit Sira/Ganiya area.