18 April 2002

Arrest of Husam Ataf Ali Badran, Head of the Hamas military wing in Samaria

(Communicated by IDF Spokesman)

Husam Ataf Ali Badran, one of the leaders of the Hamas military wing in the West Bank, was arrested east of Nablus in a combined IDF-Israel Security Agency (ISA) operation.

35 year-old Husam Badran, who managed a press office in Nablus, has been head of the Hamas military wing in Samaria for several years. He was previously arrested several times, on account of his long-term activity in the Hamas terrorist organization.

During his clandestine terrorist activity, he led and directed the execution of Hamas military operations, received and delivered funds used for the making of explosive devices for terror attacks, and sent suicide bombers to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets in Israel and the territories.

Badran was, in fact, responsible for all major terror attacks carried out in Israel by the Hamas in recent years.

Among many others, Badran was responsible for the following terror attacks: The attack in the Dolphinarium, the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, the Nahariya train station, Matza restaurant in Haifa, the bus in Haifa, the bus near Emmanuel, the village of Hamra and the Park Hotel in Netanya. In these terror attacks, directed by Badran, over 100 people were killed and hundreds were wounded.

Preventing Badran, head of the Hamas military wing, from continuing his operation is a significant blow to the military infrastructure of the organization. His arrest prevented planned attacks.