10 April 2002

Attempted Hizbullah Attack on IDF Position on Mount Dov
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

This morning the Hizbullah attacked IDF positions in the area of Mount Dov, throughout the Hermon sector, including the ski site, as well as in the northern Golan Heights. The attackers used anti-tank missiles, mortars, artillery and small arms fire. Enemy fire also hit near the village of Majdal Shams, in the northern Golan Heights.

In the course of these attacks, Hizbullah terrorists attempted to take over an IDF position in the Mount Dov sector. Under cover of small arms and missile fire, the terrorists approached the position, but they were turned away by Israeli fire.

During their attack, Hizbullah operatives planted their flag on a nearby path, far from the IDF position, and then fled the scene.

Israel Air Force jets, combined with IDF artillery and tank units returned the Hizbullah’s fire. There were no IDF casualties. However, according to initial IDF assessments, the Hizbullah attackers did suffer casualties.

The IDF Spokesperson notes that reports of an Israeli tank being hit and the capture of an IDF position are baseless and false, reflecting the ongoing false propaganda reports issued by the Hizbullah to glorify their own activities and mislead the government of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. The filming of the planting of flags was purely a public relations gimmick.

Further false reports were issued by the Hizbullah secretary, who claimed that the four IDF soldiers killed yesterday in an traffic accident in central Israel were actually killed in a Hizbullah attack on Mount Dov.