Deputy FM Melchior to convene Anti-Semitism Forum on Sunday, January 6

January 3, 2001

Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Melchior will on Sunday, January 6, 2002, at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, convene a meeting of the Government Forum for Coordinating the Struggle Against Anti-semitism in wake of recent anti-semitic incidents in Europe.

The Forum is composed of representatives from various ministries and Jewish organizations, as well as academics and researchers.

Following the meeting, Deputy Minister Melchior will hold a press conference to mark the establishment of the "International Forum for Combating Anti-semitism," and discuss a report on anti-semitism in Europe and around the world since the outbreak of the current round of Palestinian violence. Hungarian Jewish community leaders will brief journalists on the problem in Hungary.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres’s Adviser on the Struggle Against Anti-semitism Aryeh Mekel, Former Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Per Ahlmark and Canadian MP Prof. Irwin Kotler will also attend the press conference.