Firing by Hizbullah at Ghajar village
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

March 6, 2002

 Firing by Hizbullah at Ghajar village-6-Apr-2002

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 Firing by Hizbullah at Ghajar village-6-Apr-2002

Child injured by Hizbullah fire in Ghajar receives treatment at an Israeli hospital (April 6)

Hizbullah yesterday (Saturday), April 6, 2002, fired anti-tank missiles into the village of Rajar in the eastern sector of the Israeli-Lebanese border; the missiles were fired from within southern Lebanon. As a result, three children were injured, one of them seriously. An ambulance was forced to enter the village under fire in order to evacuate the injured to hospital for further medical treatment.

The IDF Spokesman wishes to stress the severity of the incident in which innocent civilians were targeted. The governments of Lebanon and Syria are wholly responsible for the escalation along the northern border.

In addition, mortars and anti-tank missiles were fired at IDF outposts situated along the Lebanese border in the western sector, the Mt. Dov area and the Mt. Hermon area.