FM Netanyahu visits Jerusalem terrorist attack wounded

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
21 November 2002

Today (November 21, 2002), Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the wounded from this morning’s terrorist attack who are hospitalized in the Hadassah Ein Karem hospital. Foreign Minister Netanyahu was accompanied on his visit by a group of foreign Ambassadors. Among the Ambassadors that accompanied Minister Netanyahu were the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps – the Ambassador of Uruguay, the EU Special Envoy, Miguel Moratinos, and the Ambassadors of Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Austria, Poland and Australia.

In his remarks to the Ambassadors, Mr. Netanyahu stated that Israel is facing a barbaric onslaught carried out by terrorist organizations, and that it has experienced three terrorist attacks within ten days. The Foreign Minister emphasized that international terrorism attacks the very core of civilization, and that the international community must unite to bring about the defeat of terrorism. Foreign Minister Netanyahu added that talk and condemnations would not suffice, and that action was necessary.

During the visit, a new immigrant from Russia who was among the wounded asked Foreign Minister Netanyahu and the Russian Ambassador to enable her to call her relatives in Russia, in order to reassure them. The Foreign Ministry Emergency and Crisis Management Center responded quickly, enabling the girl to call her family in Russia.

During the visit, representatives of Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital revealed that since the beginning of the violence and terrorism two years ago, the hospital has treated 2010 casualties of the terrorist attacks.