FM Peres Meets Spanish FM Pique in Madrid

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)
February 21, 2002

Foreign Minister Peres met today (21 Feb) in Madrid with Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Pique. Following their meeting, Mr. Peres stated that Spain could play a constructive role in creating Saudi involvement in promoting a solution to the region’s conflict, following Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s recent initiative in this regard. According to Peres, Saudi involvement, along with that of Egypt and Jordan, can be of vital importance, despite the gaps in the party’s opening positions.

Foreign Minister Peres also requested a continuation of US-European coordination concerning a solution to the conflict.

Mr. Peres outlined the four steps that are immediately required:

  • Uncompromising Israeli counter-terrorism steps and self defense measures;
  • Renewed Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation, which is likely contribute to lowering the intensity of the violence;
  • Improving economic conditions for the residents of the territories; and,
  • Continued dialogue regarding the political prospects.

    "The attainment of a mutually acceptable political horizon constitutes a prerequisite for an end to the violence", Mr. Peres added.

    Minister Pique stated that he would endeavor to assist in promoting positive Saudi involvement in the peace process. He added that he supports the Peres-Abu Ala initiative, which provides a hope and a chance of achieving an accord.