FM Peres meets with representatives of the Quartet

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)
4 October 2002

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres met on Friday in Tel Aviv with representatives of the Quartet – US Ambassador Dan Kurtzer, UN Special Envoy to the Middle East Terje Larsen, special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Vdovin, and EU advisor Christian Jouret.

Foreign Minister Peres emphasized the need for promoting security reforms in the Palestinian Authority and, in particular, establishing one central command for all the armed Palestinian forces. Concerning monetary matters, Foreign Minister Peres stated that reforms to bring about transparency and to prevent money from reaching terrorist hands should be continued.

Foreign Minister Peres noted that joint efforts relating to points contained in the Quartet’s communique (September 17, 2002) that are acceptable to all sides should be continued. He added that there has been much progress in humanitarian activity, more than 25,000 Palestinians currently work in Israel, and there is increased freedom of movement for representatives of international organizations.

The Foreign Minister stated that he would like to renew the dialogue with the Palestinians soon, in an effort to reach a ceasefire and return to the negotiating table.