FM Peres on UN Envoy Terje Larsen’s Statement

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)
April 21, 2002

This morning (21 April) Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres referred to UN Envoy Terje Larsen’s comments regarding Jenin. Peres stated that he is acquainted with Mr. Larsen and his accomplishments over a period of more than a decade, adding that Larsen has always demonstrated friendship toward Israel while endeavoring to bridge the gap existing between Israel and its neighbors.

Mr. Larsen has recognized the mistake that he committed in his statement regarding Jenin, and Foreign Minister Peres is convinced he will not repeat it.

Mr. Peres rejected the terrible voices calling to declare Larsen a persona non grata, adding that "such a move would constitute an injustice towards a man whose contribution throughout the years to the promotion of peace in our region has been unique." "Mr. Larsen should be judged by his actions, his dedication and his contribution, and not only by a comment, however grave it may be," Mr. Peres stated.