FM Peres to UN Sec-Gen Annan: Israel has nothing to hide regarding the Jenin operation

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
April 19, 2002

On Friday (April 19), Foreign Minister Shimon Peres spoke, after consultations with Prime Minster Ariel Sharon, with Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The Foreign Minister informed the Secretary-General that Israel has nothing to hide regarding any aspect of the Jenin operation. Jenin had been the site of a fierce battle with armed terrorists, who had deliberately hidden themselves amongst the civilian population. The IDF did its utmost to avoid harming innocent civilians, and its record is clean in this matter.

During the discussion, FM Peres also offered to provide all the information in Israel’s possession to a representative of Mr. Annan sent to the area to clarify the facts. The Foreign Minister emphasized that Israel would cooperate fully with the Secretary General’s fact-finding envoy. There will be no impediment to visiting the site or meeting with the inhabitants during the fact-finding process. Foreign Minister Peres neither suggested nor agreed to the establishment or dispatch of an international investigating committee.