FM Peres: US-EU-Russia-UN Harmonization Can Stop the Terrorism

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)
May 3, 2002

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres stated on Friday (3 May) that diplomatic affairs operate within a triangle – the Palestinians, Israel and the international community. ‘The question therefore is, who partners with whom?’

Peres stated: I object to an international force, or to international observers, yet support a harmonization among four elements – the US, the EU, Russia and the UN – which would be able to considerably influence the Palestinians to cease terrorism. This is the international framework that would be most convenient for Israel, and is preferable to the Non-Aligned Movement countries, the Organization of African and Asian States or the European Union alone.

The upcoming trip of Prime Minister Sharon to the United States, Minister Peres added, is the first step of a new experiment.

Regarding the Church of the Nativity, Mr. Peres stated that this is the first time in history that armed men have entered a church in the Holy Land in order to seek asylum, in violation of all that is sacred and every norm of conduct.

‘They should never have entered the Church by force’, Peres added, ‘and thus all the problems would have been avoided.’