29 April 2002

IDF Activity in Hebron

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Following the massacre on Saturday morning in the community of Adora, west of Hebron, in which four Israeli civilians were killed and several others were injured, and following warnings received regarding planned terror attacks emanating from Hebron, IDF Forces entered the city of Hebron last night.

IDF forces are operating within the city, making arrests and searching for weaponry and terror infrastructures. So far, 17 wanted suspects have been detained, among them Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Tanzim operatives. In addition, IDF forces found explosive suitcases, Kalashnikov and M-16 rifles, LAW missiles and other weapons.

During the activity, fire was opened several times toward IDF forces, who returned fire toward the sources.

The operation will continue for a limited duration until the objectives of the operation are achieved.

The IDF Spokesman emphasizes that the operation in Hebron is directed against the terror infrastructures and not against the Palestinian Authority.