7 April 2002

IDF Communiques
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

1. Discovery of a Car Bomb & Explosives in Qalqilya

In the course of searches carried out by IDF forces in Qalqilya, a car bomb was discovered. IDF forces evacuated the inhabitants of the surrounding houses and only then detonated the booby-trapped car.

There were no casualties among either IDF forces or the inhabitants of the town.

During the morning ,IDF soldiers located an additional, powerful explosive device, which was also detonated without casualties.

Thus, IDF forces were successful in foiling the planning explosion of a car bomb in an Israeli population center.

2. IDF Operations this evening in Judea & Samaria

IDF Forces are continuing to operate this morning in the cities of Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem and in a number of villages.

IDF forces have been operating since this evening in the area of the villages of Beit Rima and Dir a-Sa’aneh, west of Ramallah. The IDF seeks to locate wanted terrorists and uncover terrorist infrastructures. The operation is continuing at this time.

IDF forces are also operating in the village of Yatta near Hebron. The IDF is carrying out searches for both wanted suspects and weaponry.

Last evening, in the framework of IDF operations in the Jenin refugee camp, IDF soldiers were approached by 5 Palestinians. The Israeli soldiers called on the Palestinians to stop. Only after they did not heed this call, did the soldiers then open fire on the group, according to the regulations for arresting suspects. One of the Palestinians detonated an explosive belt he was wearing. The terrorist and two other Palestinians who were with him were killed in the explosion. Two other Palestinians were apprehended and brought in for questioning by Israeli security forces.

There were no Israeli casualties.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded from ricochets during a fire fight in Ramallah. The soldiers were treated in the field and evacuated to hospital for additional medical treatment.

In the course of IDF operations last night in the village of El Hader, near Bethlehem, 29 terrorist operatives were arrested. Also found was equipment for the preparation of explosive devices, gas masks and propaganda materials. The detainees were turned over to Israeli security forces for questioning.

3. Terrorist Bombing Foiled in Morag

This past evening, an IDF force foiled the attempted placement of an explosive device at Morag, a community in the southern Gaza Strip. Last night, IDF reserve forces on patrol identified a group of terrorists near the village’s green houses. The IDF force opened fire on the terrorists.

This morning, while conducting a search at the scene, the bodies of two terrorists were discovered. Also found was a cart containing a large and powerful explosive device.

Border Patrol sappers arrived on the scene and neutralized the explosive device.

The alert reaction on the part of the reservists prevented a potentially deadly attack against innocent civilians and IDF soldiers.