31 March 2002

IDF Operation Overnight in Qfar Seida
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

IDF forces were operating overnight in Qfar Seida, north east of the town of Tulkarm – an area under full Palestinian security control.

During the operation, Palestinian terrorists opened fire on Israeli forces from one of the houses in the area. The IDF returned fire at the source of the shooting, and two Palestinian gunmen were killed in the exchange of fire.

One of those killed, a terrorist from the Islamic Jihad organization, was responsible for bombing and shooting attacks in the area, and was involved in the planning of further terrorist attacks.

With the completion of the operation, IDF forces withdrew from the area. There were no IDF casualties.

The IDF will continue to take action to eradicate the terrorist infrastructure, and to protect the lives of Israeli civilians and Israeli soldiers.