1 April 2002

IDF Spokesman Communiques
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Denial of Palestinian Claims of Damage to Ramallah Hospitals

Following the receipt of reliable intelligence concerning the whereabouts of a large number of wanted suspects hiding in Ramallah hospitals, IDF forces entered the city’s hospitals this evening. This was done in order to carry out searches and verify the identities of those people in the hospitals. The IDF soldiers carried out their missions in a manner respectful to those in the medical facilities.

The IDF Spokesperson has strenuously denied the false Palestinian claims concerning allegations of "massacre" or "mass murder" in the Palestinian hospitals. This is yet another example of the baseless incitement whipped up by the Palestinian Authority and its leader against the State of Israel and the IDF.

In a separate incident, IDF forces entered one of the buildings located in the compound between El Menara Square and the "Moukata" and found an armed Palestinian wearing an explosive belt. Upon the entry of IDF soldiers into the building, the terrorist opened fire and ran from the building to its roof. The Israeli soldiers pursued the terrorist and killed him.

The building also houses an undetermined number of other wanted suspects and a firefight with them continues to this hour, as a result of their refusal to surrender and lay down their arms. At the same time, IDF sappers are working to neutralize the explosive belt worn by the terrorist killed on the roof.

The IDF Spokesperson has noted that since the beginning of the IDF’s uncompromising campaign against Palestinian terrorism, the Palestinians have repeatedly issued false allegations, in order to tarnish the name of the IDF.

The IDF reiterates and maintains that it has no intention of harming the innocent, and cautions against false propaganda spread by various elements in the Palestinian Authority.

IDF Operations overnight in Judea and Samaria

IDF forces took control of the town of Kalkilya, as well as commanding positions in the town and the surrounding area.

IDF forces are deployed throughout Kalkilya, and are operating to prevent terrorist attacks, to destroy terrorist infrastructures and to locate wanted terrorists in the town. IDF forces are also carrying out searches for arms and ammunition.

During the course of the operation, IDF units came under fire, and they returned fire at the source of the shooting. The IDF operation in the area is continuing.

During the night, IDF reserves reinforced the closure around the town of Tulkarm, and took control of commanding positions in the area. Tulkarm is a hotbed of terrorism, and many of the terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians were carried out from this town. The most recent attack originating from Tulkarm took place on Passover eve in Netanya, in which 22 civilians were massacred.

IDF forces are continuing their extensive operation around the town of Ramallah and Arafat’s compound.

The IDF, on the instructions of the Israeli Government, will continue its operations to eradicate the Palestinian terrorism infrastructure, in order to protect the lives of Israeli citizens, and to enable them to live in peace and security.

Terrorist Shooting at IDF Positions on the Israel-Lebanon Border

Four terrorists reached the perimeter fence on the western sector of the international border between Israel and Lebanon. From there, the terrorists opened fire at IDF positions in Israeli territory. An IDF force, resolutely returned effective fire at the terrorists.

It appears that the terrorists were hit. There were no IDF casualties. The IDF Spokesperson noted that this was a particularly grave incident, indicating once again that the Lebanese Government has failed to take action against terrorists operating from its territory.