IDF Spokesman Communiques – February 19-20, 2002
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

1. Six Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attack near Ramallah

Last night (Feb 19), six soldiers were killed and one moderately wounded in a terrorist attack on the Ein ‘Arik Israeli military roadblock west of Ramallah. The families of those killed have been notified.

The wounded soldier was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. An additional soldier stationed at the roadblock was not wounded in the attack.

A Kalachnikov assault rifle, apparently belonging to one of the terrorists, was found at the site of the attack The terrorists apparently fled to Ramallah following the attack, together with two M-16 assault rifles taken from the roadblock.

The IDF is conducting an inquiry of the incident.

2. Prohibition of Palestinian Travel on West Bank Roads

As a response to the murderous attack last night (Feb 19) west of Ramallah in which 6 Israelis were killed, the IDF tonight prohibited Palestinian travel on roads accessing and connecting the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, Kalkilia, Nablus, Jenin and Tul-Karem, as well as those between the Palestinian villages in the areas.

Travel for Palestinians will be permitted only in humanitarian cases.

3. IDF Operations Last Night in the West Bank

During the course of last night (Feb. 19-20), IDF forces carried out operations against Palestinian Authority targets throughout the West Bank, including Palestinian roadblocks though which terrorists are allowed to pass on their way to commiting attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The PA police manning these roadblocks work in collusion with the terrorists and turn a blind eye to their activities. The PA security apparatus is tainted with terrorism, and many terrorists come from among its ranks. The IDF will continue operating against the terrorist elements in the PA, until such a time that the PA takes responsibility over those territories under its authority. The IDF reserves the right to take action against terrorism, at a time and place of it’s choosing.

The Palestinian roadblocks attacked include:

In the Nablus District:

  • The roadblock west of Balata
  • The roadblock near Kafr Kalil
  • The police station in Kafr Tel

    In the Ramallah District

  • The roadblock south of Ramallah

    In addition, the IDF carried out a strike against the ‘Mukata’a’ government compound in Ramallah, as well as a building that served as a facility for security soldiers in the city.

    4. IDF Carries Out Strikes Against Targets in Gaza

    In response to the wave of murderous terrorist attacks in recent days, and the inadequate measures taken by the Palestinian Authority to eradicate this terrorism, an Israeli Navy force operated last night (Feb 19) against the PA’s Presidential Compound in Gaza. In the operation, a number of Force 17 members were targeted and a Palestinian Navy Police vessel was destroyed. No IDF injuries reported.

    In addition, the IDF carried out strikes against three targets in the Gaza District:

  • BRDM armored vehicles located in the ‘Ansar 2’ Compound near the city of Gaza
  • The Palestinian Police Headquarters (the ‘Jawazat’) in Gaza
  • A security facility near the city of Khan Yunis

    The IDF Spokesman stressed that the IDF will continue to operate against Palestinian terrorism, in order to provide security to Israel’s soldiers and civilians.