Jerusalem, 3 July 2002

Indictment against terrorist involved in the terror attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

On the morning of 3 July 2002, an indictment against a resident of Tulkarem named Yatima was submitted to the military court in Samaria. The accused had participated in the preparation and sending of Abed Al Basat Uda, who carried out the suicide terror attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya on the eve of Passover 2002, in which 29 Israeli citizens were murdered.

The accused took part in the transfer of the explosive belt from Tulkarem to a hiding-place. The belt had been sent by Hamas operatives in Nablus. On the night before the attack, the accused, with the help of another person, transferred the explosive belt from the alleged hiding-place to the apartment where Abed Al Basat Uda was staying. There, Abed Al Basat Uda put on the explosive belt, disguised himself as a woman, and set out to Israel.

After the suicide bomber was on his way to Israel, the accused made arrangements to develop film that features Abed Al Basat Uda, and passed on the footage to another operative. After the terror attack took place, Hamas gave the footage to the press.

In the following days, indictments will be submitted against the other members of the cell, whose involvement in the execution of the terror attack is even greater than that of the accused. The indictment reveals some of the techniques used by the Hamas organization in carrying out terror attacks, such as:

  • Using mosques as places for coordinating terror activities and operations.
  • Using the disguises of women to help terrorists hide and transfer explosives and carry out the attack itself.
  • Using Israeli vehicles and forged Israeli IDs.
  • Using SMS messages on cellular phones to communicate with their headquarters.